Click to call

Click to call is a very convenient way to talk with your public through a phone call.

Doesn’t matter where your client is, he only needs a computer with Speakers and Mic to call you.

The only thing that you have to do is add a link into your website to the next address:

  • callto (required): Your bussines phone number or the phone number that you want call from your client’s computer. The phone number must be in the next format: COUNTRY CODE + AREA CODE + NUMBER
  • title (optional): Title to be displayed in the call window
  • subtitle (optional): legend to be added next to the Title
  • token (required): Token associated with your endpoint (see table below)


This link redirects your customer to a new window that makes the phone call to the specified number (when the phone call ends the window is closed); So, it is a good idea to open this link in a new window (pop-up).


The phone call is processed in the way your Endpoint is set up; For instance, if you want to record all phone calls (no extra charge), set up your endpoint to do it.

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