Phone Services

In Voip-Communications we are committed to delivering you all the power of the VoIP (voice over internet protocol) in an easy, reliable and affordable way to empower your phone communications.

Check all we have to offer you:

Phone numbers worldwide

Buy phone numbers in more than 50 countries… expand your presence around the world, so your customer can call you to a local phone in their country¬†[read more]

Call the world

call all the world with the best rates through our Endpoints; call from any device, anytime… [read more]


Use your computer as a phone to call the entire world… Share your WebPhone with friends. [read more]

Click to Call Link

Talk with your customers; Allow your customers to call you from their computers, extend your customer service. [read more]

Phone call bridge API

Stablish a phone call between two numbers (your client and your company for example) from your website through our API. [read more]

Make Call API

This API allows you to make phone calls programmatically; You can define the phone call flow depending if is answered by a person or a voicemail. [read more]