SMS from Excel demo

We are very confident with our system performance, so you are welcome to try it.

In demo mode, the message will be delivered to the first two numbers into the excel file, and the message will be replaced by ‘DEMO MESSAGE FROM VOIP-COMMUNICATIONS.NET’

Don’t forget to leave “COLUMNĀ A” empty into the excel file.

The excel file must to have the next columns:

  • COLUMN A: Phone number from where the message will be sent (required only for 2 way SMS; otherwise leave empty)
  • COLUMN B: Phone number to sent the message (Required); don't forget to prepend the country code.
  • COLUMN C: Message to be sent (Required).
  • COLUMN D: Delivery date (Optional); Specify a future delivery date for the message (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM); If not provided the message will be delivered right away